My primary goal is to locate permanent employment as a Family Nurse Practitioner, Public Health Nurse, Program Coordinator, Program Developer, or any combination of those in Northern California.


I graduated from the Sonoma State University Nurse Practitioner program in 2012.


I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, and a Master’s of Science in Nursing.

I have valid, clear Registered Nurse license, Public Health Nurse Certificate, and an FNP license/furnishing number, DEA number.  None of these has ever had any action taken against them.


I have over 18 years of professional and volunteer experience working within the Harm Reduction paradigm.  While I have been perfectly content working as a PCP in the “normal” clinic setting, I find myself more motivated, more engaged, and thinking more innovatively when working in the harm reduction setting.


I prefer to work in a setting that honors the mental, emotional and spiritual health of the patient, in addition to the physical health.    


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